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Night Reader Pro In UseDavid Chandler Company is pleased to announce the availability of our new Night Reader Pro. When using a telescope, star chart, or atlas under a dark sky you need a portable light source.  When choosing a flashlight for astronomy it is important that you select a light designed to maintain your night vision.  (Click Here for more information about night vision.)  We have been selling our popular Night Reader Basic for many years and we listened to our customer’s comments when selecting the features and performance standards for the Night Reader Pro.

Our original Night Reader features a soft red glow to prevent the annoying after-imaging experienced when looking up from a bright light source into the darkness.  Several customers have told us that they would like a brighter version of the light for use while moving around the observing site or setting up equipment.  The Night Reader Pro has a much higher intensity than the Night Reader Basic.  It also features adjustable brightness that allows you to choose to turn the light on instantly at full intensity or bring the brightness slowly up or down to the desired level.

There are many flashlights on the market now that feature a red LED option.  We have heard lots of feedback that it is far too easy to accidentally activate the bright white light when intending to use the red light.  When you have spent 20-30 minutes building up your night vision this is much more than a momentary annoyance, it can cause significant delays while you (and other nearby astronomers) wait for your vision to come back.  This is why the Night Reader Basic and Pro versions are both red-light only devices.

Many astronomers wear gloves in the cool night air which can make manipulating controls difficult.  The Night Reader Pro is controlled by one push button switch the size of your thumb and is easily controlled wearing gloves (no rotating dial to fuss with or bump out of place).

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Made In U.S.A.

The small size allows the light to be comfortably clipped to the zipper of your jacket, the strap of your binoculars, or a neck or wrist lanyard so it is always ready when needed.  The size also makes it easy to store in your equipment cases with eyepieces or in the rings of a binder or spiral bound atlas.  We listened to comments about difficulties with spiral-ring key chain style lights so we chose a quick clip fastener to make the light easy to attach to almost anything.

Night Reader Pro is made in the USA and runs on a single CR2032 battery which is a standard and widely available item.  Replacing the battery requires no special tools and can be done in under a minute using a dime or pocket knife to open the case. With 36 hours or more of run time on a single battery you will not be doing this very often, however. The battery life is so good you will be tempted to just leave it on all night!

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