The Night Sky and Night Reader Pro Bundle

Our legendary planisphere, The Night Sky™ is now paired with the Night Reader Pro™ astronomer’s flashlight at one great price! We noticed that many of our customers purchase a planisphere along with a Night Reader Pro astronomer’s flashlight so we thought we would bundle the two together at a reduced price to make it easier than ever to order.

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The Night Sky™ planisphere is an easy to use chart that will show you what constellations are visible in the night sky from your location at any time of the year. Our unique two-sided chart eliminates up to 90% of the distortion that makes other charts so difficult to use. Beginners will appreciate this because it makes it simple to recognize the actual constellations. Experienced observers will appreciate the quick reference and high accuracy as they use The Night Sky to plan their observing time as well as to orient themselves under the stars.

The Night Reader Pro™ is the best way to read The Night Sky or other reference material while out under the stars. The specially selected red LED light will not deplete your night vision adaptation and the adjustable brightness is easy to use. When walking around a dark observing site you will appreciate the high intensity of the full bright setting. When reading The Night Sky or our Sky Atlas the Night Reader Pro can be turned on at minimum brightness and gradually brought up to a comfortable level. The 36+ hour battery life means that once you find a comfortable setting, you can simply leave the light on without worrying about running down your light. You can use the Night Reader Pro without worry because there is no white light option to accidentally turn on. With the Night Reader Pro on a neck lanyard you will find it is the light you always have handy and the one you use most during a night under the stars.

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