Orionid Meteor Shower

As we move forward into winter we are now privileged to have Orion and its many deep-sky objects back in our skies at reasonable observing times. As if to announce Orion’s return to our night skies the annual Orionids meteor shower begins in early October and will peak this year on October 22 with approximately 15-20 meteors per hour.

For the best view find a dark location to observe from and look toward Orion after midnight. Although most meteors will appear to be radiating from the direction of Orion keep your eye on the whole sky, they may seem to come from anywhere.

(See our post on Summer Meteor Showers for some background on meteor showers.)
The meteors that form this shower come from dust and debris left behind by comet Halley, which last passed near Earth in 1986 and will not be back until mid-2061.

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