Eclipse Glasses Were Here!

Due to the extraordinary demand over the past few days, we are Sold Out of eclipse glasses. We are sorry we are not able to accommodate everyone needing glasses, but want to reiterate that you must take proper measures to protect your eyes while viewing the eclipse.

If you still need glasses, try the vendors on This List of reputable vendors compiled by the American Astronomical Society (AAS).

Remember, it is NEVER safe to look directly at the sun if any of the photosphere (the bright “surface” of the Sun) is visible. If you are not in the path of totality you will need a safe method to observe for the entirety of the event. See this link for instructions for making a pinhole viewer, a cheap and easy method of indirect observation.

For our customers, be assured that the glasses you purchased from us were Made in USA and are certified to standards ISO 12312-2 and EN 1836:2005 + A1:2007 for direct observing of the Sun. We are listed on the AAS website of Reputable Vendors.

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