About Us

David Chandler Company, Inc. was founded in 1976 in Pomona, California, with the goal to produce and market innovative observational astronomy aids and educational materials for amateur astronomers and students of all levels. For many years David Chandler Company was a small sole proprietorship serving local astronomers in the Pomona Valley and various astronomy clubs in Southern California.  Within a few years, David Chandler Company, Inc. had built a solid reputation for products with intellectual and technical integrity and that is still the hallmark of our products today.

In 1992 Ms. Billie Chandler became the sole proprietor and operator of the company. Ms. Chandler believed that the company could serve a much wider audience and worked diligently to bring that vision to fruition.  Under Ms. Chandler the company also worked with school districts in Southern and Central California helping to incorporate astronomy into the curriculum.  Over a period of two decades, she led the company in branching out to serve colleges and universities all over the nation, several key outdoor destinations such as National Parks, and observatories and planetariums in the U.S. and abroad.  Even as business grew to serve these national and international customers Billie maintained the small business character and service experience by being personally involved with all day-to-day operations and communications from offices in Springville, California.  Maintaining the company’s roots, Ms. Chandler installed an observatory on her property that she used with local astronomy clubs and schools to provide a unique astronomy educational experience.

In 2010, after more than twenty years of managing the business by herself, Ms. Chandler brought Ms. Dita Darrah on board to manage operations.  Ms. Chandler and Ms. Darrah worked together over the next two years to ensure a smooth transition from Billie’s leadership to Dita’s.  Ms. Chandler, happy in the knowledge that her company would continue to be well cared for, retired in 2012 when the company moved its offices and distribution to the Denver, CO area.  Although retired, Billie continues ownership of the business and is always available to provide guidance to Ms. Darrah as the company continues to grow.  Ms. Darrah strives to provide the same caring service by handing customer relations and day-to-day operations herself from our new offices north of Denver.

Today, David Chandler Company, Inc. is a woman-owned Colorado based small business with customers all over the world.  We strive to produce all of our products in the United States and all of our charts, books, and games are proudly printed and assembled in the USA.  Our distribution is from the Denver, Colorado area which helps us ensure quick delivery anywhere in the world.  We remain committed to producing the highest quality products to assist the professional and amateur astronomer alike and, especially, to help bring new participants into the fascinating world of astronomy.

Colleges and universities comprise our largest market due to the technical accuracy of our products and because the design of our planisphere is unique in its ability to eliminate distortion. National parks, museums, planetariums and observatories make up another large share of our market because our products are so easy for beginners to use. In addition to North American distribution, our products are distributed to schools, museums, national parks and retail venues in Australia, South America and Europe. The planispheres are available in English, Spanish and Japanese with more latitude editions than any other available anywhere.

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