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Summer Meteor Showers

Summer is a great time to be outdoors at night with clear skies and the prospect of seeing a shooting star. As you know, a shooting star is the common name for the bright streak of light given off by a meteor as it streaks into Earth’s atmosphere and burns up from the heat caused […]

Rocky Mountain National Park Night Sky Festival

The first Rocky Mountain National Park Night Sky Festival is now history.  The park rangers put on a variety of astronomy related programs free for park visitors including opportunities to view the cosmos through a variety of telescopes and interesting presentations by professional astronomers and aerospace experts.  Over 300 visitors attended the presentations and public […]

Venus, Jupiter, and Regulus.  Credit: Stellarium software.

The Venus and Jupiter Show

For those of you who rarely stop to notice the night sky, you might want to take a few moments tonight. The planets Venus and Jupiter will be very close together in the Western sky just after sunset. You will see Venus first as it is the brighter of the two now. Shortly thereafter you […]

Summer Object – Mizar and Alcor

This post describes the stars Mizar and Alcor as part of our series of interesting objects to observe with binoculars or a small telescopes.  For information about this series please see our feature, “Summer Observing List“. Mizar and Alcor Mizar and Alcor are an easy pair to find, but there is much more going on […]