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Ring Nebula from Hubble.  Credit NASA, ESA, C.R. O'Dell (Vanderbilt University), and D. Thompson (Large Binocular Telescope Observatory)

Summer Object – The Ring Nebula

This post describes the Ring Nebula as part of our series of interesting objects to observe with binoculars or a small telescopes.  For information about this series please see our feature, “Summer Observing List“. The Ring Nebula Also known as M57 in the Messier Catalog and as NGC6720 in the New General Catalog, the Ring […]

Cassiopeia Boundaries

What is a Constellation?

A constellation is more than just an image drawn between a few stars.  It is actually a specific area of the sky with boundaries much like the borders of states or countries on a map of the world.  (In the illustration of the constellation Cassiopeia below the constellation boundaries are in blue.)  These boundaries are […]

Rocky Mountain Star Stare 2015

The 2015 Rocky Mountain Star Stare is rapidly approaching and is scheduled for June 10-14.  This annual event, put on by the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society is billed as the premier star party in the Rocky Mountains.  At 7,600 feet (2.316 meters) above sea level the location in Gardner, CO offers dark skies and extreme […]

Night Reader Pro In Use

Night Reader Pro Now Available

David Chandler Company is pleased to announce the availability of our new Night Reader Pro. When using a telescope, star chart, or atlas under a dark sky you need a portable light source.  When choosing a flashlight for astronomy it is important that you select a light designed to maintain your night vision.  (Click Here for more […]