Night Reader Pro Battery Replacement

To Replace the Night Reader Pro™ Battery

The battery in the Night Reader Pro™ is a standard CR2032 alkaline battery. For longer life or better performance in extreme cold temperatures you may choose a lithium version of the CR2032. To replace the battery:

NRP Opening Slot

Gently pry the light apart at the back of the case, You will find a small slot between the two halves right under where the split ring attaches to the light. A small flat blade screw driver works well. (You should not need to remove the split ring, the two halves will separate with the ring still attached.)

NRP Open View

Once the back is pried apart slide the bottom cover (the half with the logo) rearward (toward the split ring) and the two halves will separate easily. Then simply slide the CR2032 battery out from under the clip and insert a new one.


Closing the NRP

To reassemble just make sure to locate the front side of the cover against the front edge of the other half then squeeze at the back and it will snap together easily.