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Billie’s Blog – Magnitude

Magnitude – N. A reference to the brightness of an object in the night sky. 2,300 years ago when the Greeks looked up in the night sky, they described the brightest stars they saw as First magnitude. The faintest stars they could make out they described as Sixth magnitude. The rest fell somewhere in between. […]

Why You Need a Sky Atlas

A New Telescope This Christmas? During the Christmas season we are often asked our opinion about the best beginner telescopes for a Christmas gift. There are a great many good quality telescopes on the market now at reasonable prices so it is not too difficult to get a reasonably capable instrument. In truth, however, there […]


How To Make a Pinhole Solar Viewer

If you are just getting up to speed on the twin 2023-2024 North American Eclipses in the United States there is still time to purchase your certified Eclipse Glasses. In addition to paper glasses, which make a great souvenir, there are many other ways to view the events safely. This is one of them. A […]