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Taurids Meteor Showers

As we enter November temperatures are beginning to drop making for a more bundled up stargazing experience. We are starting to see our familiar winter constellations come back into view and the cold dry nights actually provide some great seeing when the skies are clear. This week the Earth is passing through the debris trail […]

Cassiopeia Boundaries

What is a Constellation?

A constellation is more than just an image drawn between a few stars.  It is actually a specific area of the sky with boundaries much like the borders of states or countries on a map of the world.  (In the illustration of the constellation Cassiopeia below the constellation boundaries are in blue.)  These boundaries are […]

Moon Phase Calendars

Our popular Moon Phase Calendars are still available here at! You can click the button below or navigate to Resources -> Online Resources and click on “More Information and Links” under The Moon heading. The link to our Moon Phase Calendars is right at the top. These easy to use calendars will help you […]