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New Feature – Billie’s Blog

Founder of David Chandler Company, Billie Chandler is a well known advocate of Amateur Astronomy and respected educator who has helped introduce Astronomy to many early learners.

After more than 25 years at the helm of David Chandler Company she passed the daily operations of the business to her son and daughter in law. Although she has been enjoying retirement she discovered that she still has lots she wants to share.

Several times per month Billie will be posting blog articles to help open eyes to many wonderful astronomy topics and to help make some of the seemingly intimidating topics in astronomy as enjoyable to first-timers as they are beautiful to experienced amateurs. Topics will include explanations of basic astronomy terms and concepts, descriptions of interesting objects to observe in the weeks ahead, contemporary astronomy news, stories from her more than 40 years of observing, and really just about anything else of interest to the amateur astronomer that comes to mind.

The first installment (see below on the Home Page) is an introduction to the concept of Stellar Magnitude. We hope this series will be as much fun for our readers as it is to produce!