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List of major product lines from David Chandler Company, Inc.

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The Night Sky™ is the original two-sided planisphere (also called a star dial or star chart) uniquely designed to reduce distortion. It is computer plotted for accuracy and printed on a light background for night readability. The Night Sky™ is die cut for specific latitudes, to provide the truest view of the starry night based upon the viewer’s location. The plastic version is available in two sizes; Large (10″x8.25″) or Small (6.25″x5″).  The plastic versions are available in English for Latitude Zones in the Northern Hemisphere as well as an overall version for the Southern Hemisphere.  The large and small plastic planispheres are also available in Japanese (30°-40°N). The Cardboard version is 8 inch square and is available in English for select Northern Hemisphere latitude zones and in an overall Northern Hemisphere edition. The cardboard chart is also available in Spanish for the Northern Hemisphere, Northern Tropics, Southern Hemisphere and Southern Tropics, all of which include trim lines to 0° Latitude.
Custom versions of The Night SkyTM can be made using your organization’s logo and colors!

Dark NRP Only 150Our exclusive Night Reader™ is designed for use with The Night Sky™.  The red light is specifically selected to preserve your night vision the way that a white light will.  This makes our Night Reader™ the ideal tool to take with you so you can reference The Night Sky™ in the dark with ease.



Products, First Light Kit

The First Light Astronomy Kit™ brings together the essential resources a beginner needs to get started observing the sky using simple equipment such as a pair of binoculars or a beginner’s telescope.  The kit includes our renowned Night Sky planisphere to help you find your way around in the sky, the Night Reader Basic night vision preserving light for reading your planisphere in the dark, our book on Exploring The Night Sky With Binoculars,  and our Sky Atlas to help you search out interesting deep sky objects.


Products, Sky Atlas for Small Telescopes and BinocularsOur Sky Atlas™ and award winning Exploring The Night Sky With Binoculars™ are  accessible, technically correct introductory guides to observing the cosmos.  Exploring The Night Sky With Binoculars™ introduces elementary concepts of astronomy that will help you understand the different objects you will find in the night sky including our moon, planets, stars, galaxies, nebula, even comets.  Our Sky Atlas for Small Telescopes and Binoculars™ provides information about viewing over 2o0 objects  using simple observing equipment.  This atlas is geared specifically to beginners and will help them get quality observing experience with the equipment they have.

Products, The Night Sky Matching Game, GamesOur Night Sky Matching Game™ is geared toward astronomers from 4-years old and up.  Based on the classic game of memory, we have created twenty matching sets of cards that depict some of the best known, and easiest to find northern hemisphere constellations.  The images are drawn using our proprietary computer mapping application so they are technically correct with regard to the positions of the stars and their brightness.  To add more visual interest we commissioned well-known astronomical artist Garret Moore to create images depicting the popular mythology of each constellation in an engaging and youth friendly way.  This game will be a stepping stone to learning to find constellations in the night sky.

Products, Astronomy MagnetsWhen you can’t be out observing the cosmos you can still enjoy beautiful full color images of breathtaking deep sky objects.  These 2” x 3” Astronomy Magnets will brighten your day and are strong enough to hold a stack of papers against any ferrous surface.  Perfect for your refrigerator, cubicle, or any ferrous surface.  Additional information about each image can be found by linking to our website.