Night Reader – Red LED Astronomy Lights

It can take up to 45 minutes for the human eye to completely adapt to darkness as a protein called Rhodopsin builds up in the rod cells.  Once your night vision is adapted you might be surprised at how many more objects are visible, and how much better you can see details in faint objects.  Unfortunately all it takes is a few seconds of the bright white light from a flashlight or a cell phone display to deplete your night vision and have you waiting around to adapt again!  The longer wavelength red light produced by our Night Reader Pro™ is detected by the cone cells in your eye and does not deplete Rhodopsin in your rod cells.  This allows you to read a chart or atlas and immediately return to viewing the sky.  Your neighbors at a star party will also be appreciative of your use of the Night Reader Pro™ when setting up equipment and moving about in the dark.

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Night Reader Pro with The Night Sky

Our Night Reader Pro is a true Astronomer’s Flashlight. It features a 630nm red LED light source so it will never accidentally blast you with white light.  The intensity of the light can be adjusted from a soft red glow perfect for reading a planisphere or atlas to a bright beam useful in setting up equipment and walking around a dark observing site.

Our Night Sky planisphere is printed with a blue ink that is specifically selected to work with the Night Reader Pro’s red light for ease of viewing.

We currently offer the Night Reader in a full-featured Pro version that is Made in USA and has multiple operating modes.

The Night Reader Pro™ is easy to use, easy on batteries, and easy on your eyes.  It comes with a handy chain clip and the battery is replaceable to reduce waste and help keep items out of our landfills.

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If your new Night Reader Pro™ turns off after 6 seconds, it is still in Retail Demo mode. Some lights were shipped in this mode to allow them to be demonstrated at the store while ensuring they would not be left on to drain the battery. To clear this mode start with the light Off, press and hold the button for about 20s. The light will turn on when you first press the button, then will shut off after about 20s. When the light turns off, it is cleared and ready to go to work! See the link above for instructions for all the special features.