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Cardboard versions of The Night Sky™ planisphere feature the same low-distortion, two-sided map projection as our plastic versions.  The overall dimensions are 9″h x 8.5″ wide and feature a full sized 8″ diameter map.

The cardboard version is priced lower, but still exhibits superior durability.  We have heard from owners who have been using the same cardboard version for twenty years!  Some users tell us that they prefer the square dimensions and the ability to hole-punch the edge for insertion in a ringed binder.

CBNSNH Front 600

CBNSNH Back 600

How To Use The Night Sky Planisphere

How to Use The Night Sky – Quick Guide

With The Night Sky™ planisphere you will be up and running and locating constellations within minutes. The most popular and lowest distortion star chart on the market.

The Night Sky™ Cardboard Planispheres are available in the following Versions:


  • 20°-30° North Latitude
  • 30°-40° North Latitude
  • Northern Hemisphere
  • Southern Hemisphere


  • Northern Hemisphere
  • Tropics – North
  • Tropics – South
  • Southern Hemisphere

All versions for the Northern or Southern Hemisphere planisphere are centered at 40° North or South Latitude and the back of the chart includes trim lines that allow for adjustment to the precise local latitude all the way to the equator.

The planispheres for the Tropics are centered at 20° North or South Latitude and also include trim lines to adjust to the local latitude all the way to the equator.

CBNSNH Back Detail

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