Japanese Version

Japanese Version of The Night Sky


LPNSJ Front 600

The Night Sky™ is available in Japanese! The latitude setting is 35°, which will work well for all of Japan. This is not a crude transliteration. Every aspect of the text has been critiqued and rewritten to read naturally in Japanese by two expert amateur astronomers living in Japan. Even the constellation patterns have been altered to better conform with the way they are recognized in Japan. (Sagittarius, for example, is seen as a Teapot by most Americans. However it does not look like a Japanese teapot!)


Language Supervision:
Satoshi Hayakawa, M.D.,
and Toshimi Taki, Ph.D.




Even the asterism lines have been altered to better conform to usage by Japanese amateur astronomers.


How To Use The Night Sky Planisphere

How to Use The Night Sky – Quick Guide

With The Night Sky™ planisphere you will be up and running and locating constellations within minutes. The most popular and lowest distortion star chart on the market.
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We are selling lots of Japanese planispheres in Hawaii, but do not have a distributor in Japan yet.  Contact Us if you would like to carry the Japanese version or discuss prospects for distribution in Japan.