Eclipse Glasses – 5 pk.

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Safely view the October 2023 and April 2024 Twin Solar Eclipses with these recyclable paper glasses. Our glasses are Made in USA and are Certified to ISO Standard 12312-2 for direct observation of the Sun.

Sold in sets of five glasses for $9.95

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On October 14, 2023 an Annular Eclipse of the sun will be visible across much of the continental United States AND on April 8, 2024 a Total Eclipse will be visible to a majority of North America.

NEVER look directly at the sun without proper safety filters. Our recyclable paper Eclipse Glasses are certified to comply with the requirements  ISO 12312-2 for safe direct viewing of the Sun.

October 14, 2023: Starting in Oregon, and extending to the Texas Gulf Coast, viewers in the 125-mile wide path will be treated to a fascinating annular eclipse, where the Moon passes in front of but does not completely cover the Sun. Because the Sun will still be directly visible, glasses are required for the entire event.

April 8, 2024: Starting on the west coast of Mexico, a Total Eclipse will cut a 115-mile wide path across the US from Texas to Maine. During totality no filters will be required, but to witness the beginning and ending phases viewers must have protection.

Don’t miss out. The eclipses will be visible to some extent Everywhere in the Continental US!

Viewers across the US who are outside the direct paths will still see from 20-90% coverage! Wherever you are, these will be exciting events to witness. It is especially important for these viewers to have a safe way to view the event because the sun will not be fully blocked.

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